Best Video Streaming Smart Garage Door Opener

Asante GarageViewer

Garage Opener

With Smart Camera

A peace of mind only comes

when you SEE what’s happening


Christmas light show kit


Create Your

Magical Light Show !!

Make your memory

come alive


Robot Vacuum

around 100 dollars

Butler M1

Robot Vacuum

Lazy Clean with Affordable Pricing

Asante Product lines

Simple ideas with reliable functionalities

Asante GV is a smart garage door opener with live video streaming that allows you to control your garage (open & close) from any location and any time.

TapTap II is a Christmas light synchronizer that makes your holiday lights dance to the tune of your favorite music.

Butler is a robot vacuum cleaner that comes with standard schedue and return home functions, but priced around 100 dollars.

Project Dramatic Garage

Theme Garage

Smart Home Blog

Create your smart garage with Asante Today

A complete guide to your garage door opener

Smart garage door opener had been a device for triggering multiple smart home activities. Here are some of the best and top features for a modern smart garage door opener

How to create a stylish Light show at home and Make the light dance to the tune of your music!

Do you love Christmas light show? Here are the step by steps of how to set up the right light show for your house. Or you can just use TapTap – the light show creator 

How to make your christmas light flash to music

Some of Asante’s


I was looking for a solution to being able to let someone, like the babysitter, or family, into the house easily without to give a key. This was exactly what I was looking for! 

Joshua H.

Love this product! Very simple install. Gives me peace of mind knowing that I did not leave my garage door open.Very happy with the quality of the night vision camera

Susan Whiting

Easy install. Synced automatically. Took about 10-15 min . Almost anyone should be able to do this! No more garage door remotes to carry around!!

Frank Simons