Asante Smart Home line of products are an incredible breakthrough in microelectronics and intelligent programming that transform complex technologies of WiFi, video, cloud networking and ubiquitous Smartphone Apps into very simple and everyday household tools

View and Control Your Garage Door Remotely

With Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera, you no longer need to drive back to make sure your garage door is closed.

Water Your Garden from Anywhere

Simplify your life with Asante Irrigation Controller.
Save time, water and money!

Stay Connected

Asante line of products give you the instant ability to view and control all of the scenarios by using a Smartphone or Tablet.

Take a Test Drive!

Get the free Asante App and take a test drive to experience the Asante Smart Home before purchasing Asante Line of products.
Download free Asante app:
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TapTap EGG Competition

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How It Works

See how Asante Line of products help you to turn your home into a smart home.