Find out if asante smart home app is up to date

How to check the version of Asante smart home app?

To make sure you have the latest app version,  follow the procedure below:

1. Load Asante smart home app on your Smartphone.

2. Login to Asante smart home app.

3. On the first page, tap the menu button on the left-hand side of the action bar to go to Home Extender list page.

Asante app check

4. Click on the overflow button and select About. This will show you the version you are using.


You can always visit Apple Store or Google Play and compare your version with the latest versions available. Please note that Android and Apple apps do not use the same version and numbering schemes


To make sure your Asante products have the latest firmware,  follow the procedure below:

It is very important to make sure your Asante Smart Home bridge and associated devices have the latest firmware to function properly. Asante Smartphone app will automatically update your device’s firmware when there is a new version available. 

If you want to update firmware manually, you can turn off the auto-update function. Asante Smartphone app has the ability to inform you when a new firmware becomes available. However, it is a good idea to keep the auto-update function ON to make sure you are up to date. To check the firmware version, please do the following:

Login to Asante Smart Home app, tap the settings button on the right-hand side of the action bar and then select Device Software Update as shown below:

If a new firmware upgrade is available, you will see similar information as shown below. Please note that the version you have might be different than the one shown below.

If your device’s firmware is up to date, the UPDATE button will be gray out.

This app controls Asante’s smart garage door opener with camera.

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