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Musical Light Show


Garage Door Opens & Plays A Musical Light Show

Why Dramatic Garage?

Revolutionize Your House Entrance Experience

Mood Changer

I don’t know about you, but when I start up mr car, open my garage, and Darth Vader theme song is playing at background, I feel like a badass.

Suprise Suprise!

I also record a message to suprise my dad on his birthday when he got home from work. I think its the most unexpected happy birthday song for him.

Holiday Super Star

Chirstmas is not here yet, but my neightbors do feel amazed about the magical garage. He got his kids to come out and see as well.

Easy & Simple

The whole thing took less than 40 mins for me to set up. What else can I say except, plugin, follow the instruction, and ….that’s it!

Select Your Movie Theme for Garage

Upload a 30 sec movie theme mp3 clip to your TapTap II

Product Requirements


GarageViewer provides instand control of your garage, allows users to open and close garage door with an instant click.

Asante Sensor

Asante Sensor sends garage door status to GarageViewer, allowing your garage door to be controlled by Alexa.

TapTap II

TapTAp II can disaplay your ideal light show or music. Once it is being triggered by Asante sensor, your Dramatic Garage is complete.

Get it now

With GarageViewer, Asante Sensor & TapTap, you can create the most unique garage light show in minutes by combining your favorite movie with garage automation.


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Asante Sensor

TapTap II Light Show creator

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