Asante Home Extender

What is Asante Home Extender?

Asante Home Extender is designed to communicate and manage all Asante Smart Home devices, including the followings:

  • Garage Door Opener with Camera,
  • Garage Door sensor,
  • Irrigation Controller
  • Smoke detector

With Asante Home Extender, you can pair Asante Smart Home devices without having to configure or deal with the hassle of IP technology. Asante Home Extender will find Asante Smart Home devices automatically and establish a secure connection.

Understanding Asante Home Extender port and lights.

Asante Home Extender provides the connection between all Asante add-on devices and a personal router. This document briefly explains what lights and ports on Asante Home Extender do and mean.

When Asante Home Extender is installed, it needs to be connected to a personal or home router via an Ethernet cable. This is all that is needed for this device to be able to connect to the Internet and cloud server.

Asante Home Extender is not equipped with an Ethernet Link Light. Router link lights must be used to be able to confirm a proper Ethernet link is achieved.

Power Light:

When the power is applied, the power light is on. After about 30 seconds, all other lights start to blink simultaneously and then they go off with Power being on only again. Depending on the speed and performance of your Internet access, the cloud light will come on next (could take up to 4 minutes).

Cloud Light:

The cloud light should not be confused with a link light. Cloud light comes on and stays on when Asante Home Extender has been connected to a router with Internet connection. Upon registration with the cloud server, this light comes on and stays on. Please note that when the power and cloud lights are on, the device is up and working properly.


Wireless Connectivity Light:

Asante Home Extender can be configured to communicate wirelessly with a personal home router instead of using Ethernet port. This option may be needed only when the distance from the add-on devices such as a Garage Door Camera to the location of Asante Home Extender needs to be reduced for better wireless connectivity. Please note that Asante strongly recommends using Ethernet LAN port for communication with a personal router.

Wireless Signal Strength Bars:

When Asante Home Extender is configured to communicate wirelessly with a personal home router, these bars indicate the signal strength between the Home Extender and personal router.

Device Pairing Light:

An add-on device, such as a Garage Door Camera connects wirelessly with Asante Home Extender. When devices are turned on or power cycled, at the moment that an add-on device is connecting to Asante Home Extender, this light momentarily blinks and then it turns off.

When Asante Home Extender is configured for wireless communication with a personal router, the Ethernet port is inactive and can be disconnected.

In order to return the Asante Home Extender to communicate through Ethernet port, the reset button needs to be pressed and held for about 7 seconds.

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