Quick Guides

night vision garage

Butler – Robotic Vacuum cleaner with intelligence built-in (Coming Soon)

Asante Smart Garage Door Openers (PDF Guide)


(Part Number: 99-00859-XX)

Garage Door Opener with Camera Kit

(Part Number: 99-00900-US)

Sensors (PDF Guide)

Asante Sensor

(Part Number: 99-00862)

** Requires Garage Viewer to work **

Door Sensor

(Part Number: 99-00850-XX)

** Requires Garage Door Opener with Camera to work**

Irrigation Controller (PDF Guide)

Irrigation Controller Kit

Irrigation Controller Kit

(Part Number: 99-00901)

Smoke Detector (PDF Guide)

Smoke Detector Kit

(Part Number: 99-00902)

 Add-on Device – Smoke Detector

(Part Number: 99-00853)