Asante’s Product Review

A good product should always be reviewed, open boxed and tested by the public. Here are some of the youtubers and bloggers who spent time and effort to check out our products. We love your work, effort, and passion in smart gadgets. If you have thoughts about reviewing Asante products, don’t forget to send us an email. Cheers!

Asante Smart Garage Door Opener Series Review

Smart garage door opener

Best Smart Garage Door Openers

With the Asante, all you need to do is set-up the garage door extension and the camera, connect to Wi-Fi and you’re set.

Asante TapTap II Review

The Christmas Light Synchronizer

Easy Christmas light shows

Asante’s new smart device TapTap pairs your standard Christmas lights with your favorite music. Without coding or complicated instructions !


Christmas Light Show

This TapTap feature commercial is to demonstrate how setting the right music light show can recapture some of the best family memories and time. TapTap makes setting up the light show easy!

Past Easter Event

Emma’s Easter Light Show

This video was shared by Emma Steward and her lovely mom. Emma spent over 10 hours creating this light show, 6 Hours specifically on the rabbit.

Hidden Upcoming Features

The Dramatic

Garage Project