Garage Sensor

What is Asante Garage Door Sensor?

Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera kit provides an instant visual check for your garage doors and the ability to control them.  

Asante Garage Door Sensor is a complement to Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera kit. 

It allows the user of Garage Door Opener with Camera to receive notifications based on the status of the garage door. Notifications can be in the form of SMS Text, Email or Push notification on an Android or iOS Apple operating systems.

Asante Sensor


Asante Sensor important characteristics

  1. user can receive a text message when the door is opened or closed through the Smartphone app.
  2. At the same time, the  Asa app provides visual Open or Close information as shown below when a Garage Door Sensor is present.
  3. There is no additional fee for receiving Email, Text and Push Notifications.


Please note that your cellular Smartphone plan might have limitations with respect to text notification. Check with your cellular provider to see if additional fees apply to your plan when receiving text.

Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera kit needs to be installed prior to installation of Asante Garage Door Sensor.

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