Smart Garage Door Opener

What is Asante Smart Garage Door Opener with Camera and how it works?

The Smart Garage Door Opener

Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera gives you the ability to remotely see the garage doors and control it at the same time. This means that you can actually close and open up to two garage doors from your smartphone or tablet as long as Internet access is available.

In addition to this, you have the benefit of monitoring the traffic in your garage area in real-time.

Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera Kit is equipped with infrared lights so that you can see your garage area at night or when the door is closed with no lights on. With the addition of an optional sensor, you can also get notifications in the form of Email and Text when your garage door opens and closes.

The main focus of this document is to provide information about how the Asante Garage Door Camera retrofits to your current and existing garage door system.

The Asante Kit

This Asante kit includes two devices

  • An Asante Home Extender
  • A Garage Door Opener with Camera.

Asante Garage door opener with Camera Kit is a cloud-based device and requires no change to your personal home router or current network. Asante Home Extender connects to your router via an Ethernet LAN cable. It bridges your Asante Home Extender products such as Garage Door Opener with Camera to your router and eventually to the Internet. Installation is done via a Smartphone. Simply download the free app from Google Play or Apple Store, create an account and claim your device.

To understand how this device interfaces with your current garage door motor and opener, we have to explain how your current garage door and wall mount button work first.

When you press the wall mount button that is attached to your current garage door motor, a circuit is created for a short period of time (circuit switches from normally open to closed and then open again). Your garage door motor responds with opening or closing the garage door. This operation is true for most garage motors in the market except few.

Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera uses this same technology to open and close the garage doors.

The required retrofit is to simply wire from the relays that are available on the back of the garage door camera to the wall mount button as shown below. All the wires required are included in the kit. The polarity of the wires does not matter. Please note that for installation, the information that is provided inside the package (Quick Guide) should be followed.

The following configuration can also be used if a wall-mount button is not present and if the garage door motor is equipped with a hook up for a wall mount button. Please refer to documentation of your garage door motor for information regarding a wall mount hook up. In this case the camera is directly connected to garage door motor.

When you use the free smartphone app and press the Garage Door Opener button in the app as shown below, you are creating a circuit just like your wall mount button and therefore sending the same signal to your garage door motor to open or close the garage door. You are actually pressing the wall mount button in your garage remotely by the means of an app on a smartphone.

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  1. Michael Apodaca

    Hello There:
    Yes I would like to know if I can get some HELP on Asante smart garage door opening. But when I first got it was working great. And it STOP working & have try to get this puppy up running again. Is there a new APP I need to go to my play store. It sure on my network setting to click on some name like GV_AP_xxxx? was I put some # in where the xxxx at?
    Oh it sure show many time E-mail about this ok Oh I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+

    1. Hi Michael,

      I am getting the service team to assist your case. Hold on.


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