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Control your garage door through smart garage door opener now is the popular trend, and text notification garage door opener seems to be the popular choice. However, studies show that there are three concerns consumers need for their garage control:

  1. Text notification error.
  2. Lack of visual check solution.
  3. Garage door compatability

Here are the four product solutions from Asante GV, the next generation smart garage door opener.

(Product will be ready for sale by end of October

Smart-Garage door Opener Asante

Smart Garage Door Opener

Control through phone

One – Visual control on the road.

Video streming provides a real time solution check for your garage. You are able to know who exactly enters your garage at any distance, any time.

Two – Voice control by your told.

For a long time, Asante clients would send us emails, wanting to include our product with the smart echo system. Today, our SGDO can be voice controlled by Alexa. You can now give a voice command to your door.

Asante smart garage door opener can now be controlled by Alexa
night vision garage

Three – Night vision for more.

Thanks to Asante’s technical R&D team.

Our Night Vision provides the best night view resolution in the market.

Four – Universal for all doors.

Compatability can be trouble for thouse who used small brands garage door openers. Some of the openers cannot be universally adapted by smart home hub. Asante magic press can be the solution for such issue, making almost all doors to be controlled.

Asante GV Reviews

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Additional Asante Garage door Opener benefits

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Smart Garage Door


Incredible product! I know enough about electronics to give you detailed information about this product. When I saw it, I knew I can use it too so I bought one..”


Perfect solution when traveling to know when the garage is safely closed. Make sure to get the sensor otherwise it doesn’t allow yoy to use the phone app. Love this product.”


By introducing from my neighbor, I installed this Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera Kit within 15 min. This device can be managed via my iPhone easily. Highly recommended..”

TK Tienon

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With Asante, you can control your smar home with a click away. Create your smart home with passion and fun now! What are you waiting for?

(Product be ready by mid Oct)

Asante smart garage door opener with video