How to reset Asante Smoke Detector?

How to reset Asante Smoke Detector?

Depending on the state of smoke detector, or, if you have uninstalled a Smoke Detector and would like to reinstall it, a hardware reset may be needed to be able to claim the device in the Smartphone app again.

Remove the mounting bracket from the back of Smoke Detector by moving it counterclockwise. Please note that this will cause the Smoke Detector to start beeping. For beeping to stop, remove the battery for about 10 seconds and insert it again. This is the tamper-proof feature for the smoke detector. Note that battery needs to be installed for you to be able to reset the Smoke Detector.

If beeping starts again, repeat the same procedure by removing and reinserting the battery to stop beeping.

There are 3 clips on the Smoke Detector that hold the base to assembly. Starting with one clip, push clip lock in the direction shown and use your finger to separate that same part of the base from the body. While holding the base, repeat this step for all 3 clips.

Once opened, then locate the reset button as shown below. Press and hold for 5 seconds and then release. You will notice that the LED light will go on inside.

Close the Smoke Detector, make sure clips are closed the same way and the wires are not tangled up in the clips.

Attach the mounting base back to Smoke Detector. Load app on smartphones. Click on My Home and you should see a pop up asking you to claim your Smoke Detector. If you do not see a pop-up message asking you to claim your Smoke Detector, click on the refresh button.

If you have more than one smoke detector, please do this one at a time, claim one unit in the app and then reset the next smoke detector.

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