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6 channel christmas light controller for home

Have you tried to set up the Christmas light show? It looked amazing on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight”. However, most people feel troublesome when they tried to do it at home. Professionals may take a few hundred hours for competition set up, but how about those who just want to have a small and easy set up? like me? That’s why Asante comes up with the TapTap idea.

Here are the four product solutions from Asante TapTap II light show creator.

Asante Light show creator
Easier christmas light set up

One – No more complicated set up.

For professional light show set up, you may need 2-6 month of time. You may need to purchase softwares for light and music control, various lighting set up for display, speaker systems for outdoor, and outdoor power rental. Now, TapTap combines various requirements and allows you to make a simple set up in 6 hours. Talking about time saver!

Two – No additional software cost.

For professional players, software cost can be up to hundred of dollars. A 16-channel combination set up can be up to 500 $USD. For TapTap, you can just plug in your house christmas light, input your favorite mp3 songs, and uh…..that’s it!!

Set christimas time trouble
How to make your christmas light flash to music

Three Automatic Christmas musical synchronization.

What about the set up? Synchronize your music with light can be frustratio too. Asante AI team creates a build in automatic generator program that can make sure your music dance to the light at the right tap. If you like to customize it, just save the autogen copy and do minor adjustment.

Four Christmas Light Show for Home

Did I forgot to mention? TapTap is portable? As long as you got a 110V powersource and internet connection, you can create a light show anywhere. You can make a suprise party for your kids, a romantic proposal for your fiancee, or star wars theme garage. Wait! What garage ??

Create your magical moment with TapTap

This is how we celebrate Christmas this year! 

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TapTap Light Show Creator


This is probably the best Light show creator at its price point. Although the unit has only 6 channels and requires primarily LED lights to operate, it is still more versatile than any other light show system under $300. Programming the lights is a breeze and editing is just as simple. .”


Awesome product. I have been looking for a devise that allow me to synchronize my Christmas light display without having to use professional systems. This one is plug and play and is a great balance of giving your light display a professional look combined with ease of use.


This thing rocks, it was tough to get the Wi-Fi working initially but the support team was super helpful and guided me to a resolution I wanted to be able to upload my own songs and let the kids help program the lights. I was pleasantly surprised with how good the system generated light show . 


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Dramatic Garage Project

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With Asante, you can create a Christmas light show with a click away. Create your smart home with passion and fun now! What are you waiting for?

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