Butler M1 Robot Vacuum

Best Robot Vacuum Under 150

Do you wish to own a robot vacuum but the price is always too expensive for you? Most of the robot Vacuum in the market ranges from $200-$1200 dollars. Of course, higher price comes with various smart mapping system and suction powers.

But, do you really need to check with the maps everyday? All you need is a robot that cleans the house while you are in school or at work, right?

Here are the four product solutions from Asante Butler M1.

best robot vacuum under 200
Packed With All Standard Scheduling feature

One – Schedule & Return Home

Did you know, most Robot Vacuum around 100 dollars doesn’t have scheduling system or return home features? Did you also know, most consumers who purchases robot vaccums don’t really check the mapping system at all? Butler M1 is the only robot vacuum around 100 dollar range that provides standard schedue system and return home feature. The two solid functions.

Two – Slim Size for Bed & Sofa

M1 is small, slim and light weight. Easy to enter the small areas and tight corners. You will be suprised how much dust or pet hair is under your bed after you use this.

Three Anti-drop and Various Safety Functions.

M1 includes anti-drop and anti-bump IR sensors that prevents falling. If somehow M1 is stock, M1 will automatically power off to prevent battery loss.

Four Affordable and Easy Purchase

Robot Vacuum can be expensive. Most robotic vacuum cleaner ranges from $200-$1800. Butler M1 is the only robot vacuum around 100 dollar range that provides a standard schedule system and return-home feature. M1 is a perfect solution for students, gifts or someone who has multiple floors to clean. After all, robot vacuum cannot climb stairs, not yet! ctions and charges with a reasonable budget. It is the most affordable robotic vacuum any household can bu

Best Price for Robot Vaccum

Best Robot Vacuum around $100 dollars only! 

Butler M1’s goal

Provide the most affordable Robot Vacuum with solid functions. House cleaning can be simple, easy and low budget too.

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Asante Butler M1 Robot Vacuum Reviews


I have not written a review before but I have to on this amazing product. I opened the box and within three minutes I was watching this wonderful, amazing machine clean my floors. It went under the beds, under the dressers and did a great job in closets and utility areas. I had fun just watching and wondering why I hadn’t gotten it years ago. .”


This is an amazing product! I have 2 cats and can’t stand walking on my hardwood floors collecting little hairs and specks on my feet. I would spend an hour sweeping every night. I have 5 rooms in my apartment and all of them are cleaned thanks to this robot. This prcduct is pretty affordable too.


Although it does not have fancy mapping system, when we are ready to use it we juse use old fashion remote to click on it. The robot cleans all my pets’ hairs. My husband and I are not tech guys, but we find the disgn of this model is pretty simple.  The station clock even allows us to schedule the vacuum. Simple and job done!


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With Asante, you can now own a robotic vacuum with a budget around 100 dollars. With return home function, auto-scheduling, and affordable pricing, this is a robot vacuum with great value! Get it now!

Best Robot Vacuum around 100 dollars