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View and control your garage from anywhere else with Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera.
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The Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera is designed to make your life easier

No longer wondering if you closed the garage door before you left home.
With secure video streaming, advanced Night Vision, you can view and control your garage doors from anywhere.

Simple retrofit to your existing garage door system

with amazing wireless range that can even accommodate both attached and detached garages in most cases.

Grant access and revoke access anytime

Give access to family members, friends, guests and contractors.

Control Up to 2 Garage Doors

Every Garage Door opener with Camera Kit can control up to two garage doors.

Infrared Night Vision

Built-in infrared light function, allowing you to monitor your garage area in the dark.

No Monthly Fee

Kits works out of the box with no monthly fee or hiden costs.

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Garage Door Opener with Camera Kit

Monitor and control your garage door (open and close) from any smart phone with data or WiFi access.
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