Asante Smart Garage Door Opener Reviewed by various Youtubers

Product reviwed by Jordan Keyes

Jordon’s Youtube channel is a one-stop shop for device reviews and tech news. If you are passionated about smart devices, you will love his feedbacks.

Product reviwed by HomeAutomationX.

HomeAutomationX is mainly hosted by Cindy and Anika who provide reviews on everything from inside your smart home, to home repairs, and to the latest gadgets. They submit at least one video per week and provides various comparison tests. Make sure you check them out!

Product reviwed by SAMTIME.

Sam is the funcky smart tech reviwer. His fun style reviw sure makes the tech articles a lot more fun. Sam says our product is good for those who wants to show off their car to their neighbor. What do you think?

Product reviwed by Smart Tech.

Smart Tech is an amazing channel that focuses on Smart Tech hardwares. Reviews include both software and hardware. If you have questions regards to how to use different kinds of apps, softwares and smart gadgets, make sure you take a look at Smart Tech.