What is a Smart garage door opener

What is a Smart Garage Door Opener ? Smart Gadget Guide 101

There are commonly two ways to enter your house, either through a front door or the garage door.    Most of us forgot we actually use our garage a lot more often.  Our research shows that more people use smart garage door openers to enter the house these days.


So, What is a smart garage door opener?

The smart garage door opener is a Wi-Fi controlled device that allows users to receive alerts, to control the garage door, and to sync with other wireless devices.

With the concept of smart home and home automation, smart garage door opener can be a device for triggering multiple smart home activities.

Asante smart garage door opener with video
Asante Camera SGDO

7 Modern Features of a Smart Garage Door Opener

Besides controlling and monitoring your garage door from any location, a modern smart garage door opener usually has these following 7 features:

  1. Mobile app-controlled
  2. Able to join your Wi-Fi networks
  3. Remote and voice-controlled (Alexa or Google Home)
  4. Can send a text message or provides video streaming
  5. Customizable, supports IFTTT, co-up with other Wi-Fi home devices
  6. Secure and won’t be hacked easily
  7. Compatible to your current garage door motor

With the assist of mobile apps, not only will your smartphone replace the traditional remote control,  you will be able to manage who can access to your garage.

With Asante smart garage door opener, you can even monitor the garage via a video stream, knowing exactly who is at your garage at the very moment.

Do I need a Smart Garage Door Opener?

The original idea of creating a smart garage door opener is to create a check solution for those who want to ensure that they close their garage properly.   Text notification garage door opener was then invented.

However, with the popularity of smartphone and 4G network, few applications of smart garage door openers were soon discovered:

  1. Allows you to open the garage door from anywhere. For family members who forgot their key, smart garage door and the smart lock can allow family members to enter the house without providing additional keys.
  2. For online shoppers, having a smart garage door opener can allow mailman to drop your large package directly to your garage. You no longer need to worry about people steal your package.
  3. Allows home automation to be triggered. Smar garage can be a gateway to trigger your home automation. Once you leave the house, after the garage is triggered, your robot vacuum cleaner can do your house cleaning. After you arrive home, your smart garage can be set to turn on light, heater, music player and various smart home devices. With modern technology, you can set up various kinds of housework for your smart devices.

What are the unique selling points for Asante Smart Garage

With Asante video smart garage, you can have additional features for your smart home that no other garage door openers can do.

  1. Visual check –  After all, seeing is believing.  
  2. Text Message – With Asante Sensor, you can receive a text message when the garage is not closed properly.
  3. Dramatic garage – Imaging when you drive home or leave the house.  Your Garage start to play your favorite theme song and musical light.  You can drive away light 007, or arrive home as Darth Vadar. Surprise your friends, kids & parents with a style!  


Other smart gadgets for Smart Garage Door family

Building a smart home is about building a smart ecosystem.  With the use of amazon echo, IFTTT & google home. You can now purchase several smart gadgets and get them to work together for home automation or home security.  Here are some of the best gadgets for your smart garage door.

  1. IP camera system for home security.
  2. Smart Lock or Smart doorbell for remote lock control
  3. Robot Vacuum for automatic cleaning once you leave the house
  4. Smart thermal control for turning the heater on/off when you arrive home or leave the house
  5. Smart Light on/off when you arrive home or leave the house
  6. TapTap theme song player – play your theme music/Leitmotif/light show when arriving home or leave the house.

What are the 8 other security tips to protect your garage?

Admit it, you probably use your garage door more often than your front door.  It just makes sense for you to guard it well with the right equipment.

  1. Wi-Fi- Security.  Anyone can access the system if your Wi-Fi is not protected.  Always use a strong password to protect you’re your system from hackers,
      • You need to update the password that came with the device.
      • Avoid using your birthday & phone number as password
      • Change the password once in a while.
  2. Block the Emergency Release Cord.  An emergency release cord allows the garage door to be opened manually.  You can easily prevent anyone from sliding a hook in the gap at the top of the garage door and releasing the emergency device by adding a plywood block.
  3. Monitor the Door Sensor.  Most of the smart garage door opener comes with additional sensor accessory.  You should always buy one and monitor who enters your garage.  Set your video security camera to link with the garage sensor if you can.
  4. Make use of Security Cameras. For those who purchase the smart garage door without a wifi-camera.   You should always purchase an additional IP cam or use your old phone as an IP cam.    When you have a smart garage door opener with a camera, you will be able to control and monitor the door for activity.
  5. Set up a Motion Activated Garage Ceiling Light.    You probably can’t see through the dark with traditional IP cam.  If you can remote control your garage light, you will have a much better view of the garage.  Btw, Asante GV has a night vision mode, so if you are too lazy to have a remote light control, try Asante GV first.
  6. Add an Outdoor Sensor Activated Light.  Another inexpensive way to increase security is to install a couple of motion sensor outdoor lights.   You can also add a warning sign and tell the visitor to smile!!.
  7. Add a Two-way speaker.   Two-way speaker can be a fun surprise for the burglar.
  8. Cover up any Garage Windows.  Use window blinds on any windows that are in the garage so thieves can’t see what’s in the garage, you can also install glass breakage sensors to windows.  If you’re really concerned about your safety you can add a security system that monitors the outside areas of your home as well.

If you follow these 8 security tips, you will make your garage and home much safer.  Now, make  your smart garage door today, try it out now~!!


7 thoughts on “What is a Smart Garage Door Opener ? Smart Gadget Guide 101”

  1. Is there any problem with voice control feature ? I think this feature is the new innovation.I like outdoor sensor activated light,this one is very useful for garage security. Great Post.

    1. Thanks Larry! We are looking into auto locks or auto gate control through smart home. It is an interesting market

  2. Blogs are very good way of exchanging the information and I love to read post and sometime some blogs give me so much of knowledge and this is one kind of those blogs. Wow both of the videos that you have shared in your post are very good and interesting.

    1. Thanks Leonard

      I just checked your website too. Your projects look amazing and interesting. How are the home automation markets in New Zealand btw?

    2. Ruben Rojasw

      How long does the camera record when activated?
      Is the wifi extender cable only or can it be connected wireless?
      I have a wifi extender on my WiFi at the moment (superboost). Would that create a problem having two extenders simultaneously?

      1. Hi Ruben, when the Garageviewer is activated, it will record 30 secs before you click the open button and 150 secs after the door is opened. When the door close button is clicked, it will save 5 sec after the door is closed and 25 secs before the door is closed.

        Wifi extender can be either wireless or cable. RD prefers wired one of course, but we do know that sometimes it’s hard to set up a long cable through your house. We would prefer using one extender only, in theory, two extenders should work as well, but we would recommend using one only to limit bug problem.

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