Protect Your Family

and save the environment with Asante Smoke Detector.
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Live Smarter

Fire and smoke can cause extensive damage that insurance companies might refuse to cover.Why not use a Smart phone to save lives?

Asante Smoke Detector is an extremely simple smoke detector that allows you to be worry free. Easy installation makes it ready to use immediately. Smoke detector will also notify low battery to ensure no disruption.

Worry Free

Do you often forget to turn off stove when you leave the house? Are there children or senior citizens inside your house and you are worried about fire hazards? How can a smoke detector that just beeps help you when you are not there?

Asante Smoke Detector not only beeps to inform the occupants of the house, but will also send you an email or a text to let you know when you are not home.

Do It Yourself "technology"

Smartphone wireless hunting and pairing gives you freedom from those Wifi buzz words. Plug in the power, connect to home router, download App from "Anrdoid/Apple store" and create your log in name and password.

That is the way to go.

Smoke Detector Kit

Protect your family, save lives and the environment with Asante Smoke Detector.
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