TapTap troubleshoot

TapTap Troubleshooting

The following problems are some issues we encountered with 

My TapTap does not connect to my wireless router.

Please make sure that your router is set to use WPA or WPA2 Authentication wireless methods. Some routers have a variety of settings such as WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal and WPA/WPA2-Personal.

You can change these settings on the router, save them, and try again and see which setting works with TapTap. If not sure, please contact Asante Technical Support by sending an email to or by calling (408) 435-8388 Ext. 511.

We are here to help.


How do I return TapTap to the mode to configure wireless settings?

Please follow the procedure below:

  1. Turn on the unit and wait at least two minutes for it to boot up.
  2. While looking at the LED lights in front of the unit, press and hold down the green reset button until you notice fast blinking of the LED lights.
  3. Wait for fast blinking to stop and then release the reset button and wait for LED lights to start moving in a dot series from left to right and right to left (Please give few minutes for this to start).
  4. Login to the TapTap app, click on the menu button (bars on the upper left side) and select Setting.
  5. Select “New/Recover TapTap” and follow the prompt (just like first time installation).

If you still have a problem configuring your TapTap’s wireless settings, feel free to contact Asante Technical Support by calling (408) 435-8388 Ext. 511. We can help you over the phone.

I am trying to upload some MP3 files to create light shows and I am getting format error or other errors when trying to do so. Or MP3 files are being skipped. What should I do?

Some MP3 files are in the format that does not fully comply with MP3 format. 

For example, an MP4 file can be named MP3, however, TapTap will not recognize this type of file.  There is an easy way to correct this issue using freeware called VLC media player. Asante Technical Support can provide step by step information on how to correct this. Please contact Asante Technical Support by sending an email to support@asante.com or by calling toll free 877-745-5768 Option 2. We are here to help.

How to convert using VLC


Some ports/zones on the TapTap stop working after few minutes of playing.  Lights are no longer on or blinking.

This usually indicates that the load on that particular zone has exceeded the load allowed and the device has shut down the port to prevent damage.

Please make sure analog lights are not used and load on that port is not more than 110Watts. A power cycle to the device will cause the port to start working again.

The TapTap unit I am trying to set up was already claimed by another email address or user. I am unable to set it up. What can I do?

Please contact Asante Technical Support by sending an email to support@asante.com or by calling 408-435-8388 ext 511 and provide the MAC address of the TapTap you are using.

This MAC address starts with 0030f0….. We can release the unit so you can claim it.


When I switch from WiFi mode to Bluetooth, I can play a song from my device and the lights play but I do not hear any sound coming from the speaker.

After switching to Bluetooth mode, please turn off the unit for 10 seconds, turn it back on again and let it connect to your smart device. Then try again.


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  1. I am trying to delete a song I uploaded. When I click the trash can it says you have lost connection. Please check connection and try again. But I am still connected. How do I delete? Thanks

    1. Hi Mike. The bug has been fixed by the RD. We will release a version ASAP. Most likely sometimes this week! Thanks for letting me know about this. Really appreciate.

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