• Asante Garage Door Opener with CameraAsante Garage Door Opener with Camera
  • Asante Irrigation ControllerAsante Irrigation Controller
  • Asante Smoke DetectorAsante Smoke Detector
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Asante builds simple and smart things for everyone
Asante Genie line of products are an incredible breakthrough in microelectronics and intelligent programming that transform complex technologies of WiFi, video, cloud networking and ubiquitous SmartPhone Apps into very simple and everyday household tools.
Build a smarter home with Asante Genie

Why use Asante Genie?
Asante Genie is designed to intelligently manage and provide wireless signal coverage for all Asante Genie line of products. It can cover areas up to 5000 sq.ft. for both small and very large homes. It is a wireless base station with seamless pairing to all Asante Genie devices, which are the Garage Door Opener with Camera, Irrigation Controller and Smoke Detector. Installation is extremely easy and there is no need to deal with the hassle of IP technology. Using your Smartphone the cloud registration is instant and free once you plug into your home router using the Ethernet, Asante Genie will register with cloud without any effort.
So what does all of this means to you?
You no longer need to drive back to make sure your garage door is closed. Or if you forgot to program your irrigation controller and the grass and trees will go dry. Have peace of mind with a Smoke Detector that can send you a text and email in case of a fire hazard. Basically the Asante Genie will give you the instant ability to view and control all these scenarios by using a Smartphone or Tablet. There is more to come, stay tuned.

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