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How to troubleshoot Asante Smart Home Garage Door Sensor?

Asante Garage Door Sensor is designed to provide notifications when the status of the garage door changes (Closed/Opened).

When the sensor is first installed, after installation it needs to go through one motion of open and close before it can properly register and provide an update in the app. This is because the sensor position is not known after installation.

This document provides information as to how to test a garage door sensor after it has been claimed in the app. The sensor has a reset button that can be used to check to make sure it is alive. When the reset button is pressed, the light should come on for a few seconds and then go off.


Please note that the mounting that comes with the sensor is required and the sensor should not be directly attached to the door. This is not just to provide ease of removal in case a new battery is required, but also to prevent signal bounce from a garage door.


Use the following steps to troubleshoot the sensor. These steps provide troubleshooting information for first-time installation and also after first-time installation. Please make sure that the sensor has been claimed in the app and installed.

1. Remove the sensor from the mounting and take it to the location that is near the Asante Home Extender. This is to make sure that the distance is not a problem and signal from the sensor can reach the Home Extender.

2. Login to the app and go to the video page with buttons showing. Hold the sensor in the same position as it was installed on the garage door. If this is the first time installation, then the buttons will look like below before the sensor has gone through one motion (open/close).




3. Remove the cover of the sensor but hold it in the same position.

4. Slowly, just like the motion of the garage door, move the sensor to the horizontal position. As you are moving it, watch the LED and you should see a quick blink. Please note that horizontal position means the battery and all the electronic parts should be facing and parallel to the ground (not the back of the sensor) just as if it was attached to your garage door. You should notice the change in button associated with the sensor as shown below after 2-5 seconds. If the blinking is not noticed, please contact Asante Technical Support.



4 thoughts on “How to troubleshoot Asante Smart Home Garage Door Sensor?”

  1. The Asante garage opener recently started sending action notifications hours after the action occurred (e.g., at 1:30 am), and sending false messages (message of door closed in middle of night, or door opened when it is not, or door closed when it is not). The mobile app is up-to-date. What can we do to correct this?

    1. Hi Steve, let me refer your message to tech support, and I will get back to you ASAP.

    2. Hi Steve

      We checked with the RD team and found out that there are similar responses from other customers as well.
      This issue may be related to Verizon’s system.

      If the user uses Verizon’s Email to Text feedbacks, he/she may have a high possibility message delayed.
      We recommended you to switch your notification method to push notification for the garage door switch.

      This should solve the problems you encountered.

      Johnny, Asante Marketing Team.

  2. Thank you so much for the informative and interesting post I like your points which you have discussed over here, great job. Thanks for sharing such a interesting post ever.

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