Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the use or configuration of an Asante product, complete the contact form with a detailed description of your configuration. Most questions are answered the same day or 1-2 business days. Telephone support is available during business hours (9:00am - 6:00PM PST) at Toll Free 1-877-745-5768 or 1-408-435-8388 Ext 511.


  • How to check the version of smartphone app?

    To check the version of Asante smart home app and to make sure you have the latest app, please follow the procedure below:

    1. Load Asante smart home app on your Smartphone.
    2. Login to Asante smart home app.
    3. At the first page, tap the menu button on the left hand side of the action bar to go to Home Extender list page.

    4. Click on the overflow button and select About. This will show you the version you are using.

    You can always visit Apple Store or Google Play and compare your version with latest versions available. Please note that Android and Apple apps do not use the same version and numbering schemes.

  • How to check if my Asante Smarthome products have the latest firmware?

    It is very important to make sure your Asante Smart Home bridge and associated devices have the latest firmware to function properly. Asante Smartphone app will automatically update your device's firmware when there is a new version available.

    If you want to update firmware manually, you can turn off the auto update function. Asante Smartphone app has the ability to inform you when a new firmware becomes available. However, it is a good idea to keep the auto update function ON to make sure you are up to date.

    To check the firmware version, please do the following:

    Login to Asante Smart Home app, tap the settings button on the right hand side of the action bar and then select Device Software Update as shown below:

    If a new firmware upgrade is available, you will see similar information as shown below. Please note that the version you have might be different than the one shown below.

    If your device's firmware is up to date, the UPDATE button will be gray out.

  • How to create additional users in Asante Smart Home app?

    Asante Smart Home line of products come with a smartphone app that will allow a user to control and view Garage Doors, Irrigation Controllers and receive vital information from devices such as a Smoke Detector.

    When a product is claimed in Asante smartphone app, the first user name becomes the administrator for that product. However, the administrator might want to add more users to monitor the products. This can be done without giving the additional users administrative privileges. This means that the user can monitor the products without being able to delete or change settings.

    For example, an administrator (in our example Roger) might want to give control of garage doors or irrigation controller to a neighbor (in our example James) for a certain length of time while away.

    This document assumes that the device has been installed and claimed by an account already (in our example by Roger).
    To do this, please follow steps below:

    Load application and click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
    (This step can be done by administrator or user. User needs to download the application on his/her smartphone to be able to monitor the devices.)

    Fill in username, email address and set password to create an account for user (James) and then click on SUBMIT.

    After you have created a user account, return to login page and log in the Asante Smart Home app with email account and password of administrator (Roger).

    At the first page, tap the menu button at the left hand side on the action bar to go to the Home Extender list page. Click on the account button to go to Account Manager.

    Click on + and enter user's information. After you have done that, click the ADD button to add the user.

    Username (James) appears in Account Manager under the name of administrator (Roger).

    User James and any additional user created can also be removed and access can be revoked from the same account manager page. Simply tap the user you want to remove to enter the user's page and and click on the DELETE USER button.

    Please note that the Administrator (Roger) can not be deleted from this location since all the devices are registered under this account.

  • How to setup text and email notifications with Asante Smart Home?

    A text notification can be sent to a Smartphone or Tablet with cellular service (This service is only applicable for U.S.carrier customers). Asante does not charge any fee for this service. However, the owner of the Smartphone or Tablet needs to check with provider of their cellular service to see if there are any additional fees that may incur.

    Push notifications are the function of Asante Smartphone app. As long as the app is loaded and user has not logged out of the app, a Push notification can be sent. Note: Push notifications can not be guaranteed to arrive immediately. To setup text notification, a phone number with text service needs to be setup in the app.

    Login to app, tap the menu button and click on the account button on the action bar of Home Extender list page.

    Select owner of the account and click on the Text Number field. Please notice that only the account owner can setup his/her Text Number.

    Enter your 10-digit cellphone number from which you want to receive the text message, select your cellular provider and click NEXT.
    You will receive a 4-digit validation PIN via SMS. Enter the PIN you received and click VALIDATE.

    Return to home page, click on setting button and select Alert notification.

    Select to whom the alert notification will be sent to. A warning message appears informing you that you need to setup Text Number in account management. We previously covered this step at the first part of this document. Click on OK.

    Next, select your desired type of notification and click on Apply.

  • Why does the app request access to my contacts?

    Device has the ability to send text notifications of predefined events (e.g. door opened/closed) if you have the Garage Door Sensor installed. With a garage door sensor, you need to specify a phone number for the device to send the text to. However, we have to make the request as it was directed by Android and Apple iOS guidelines.

  • Why does the app ask permission to access my device’s location?

    This enables us to determine your time zone. If you have the Garage Door Sensor, the notifications need to know the time zone that you are in so that it can stamp the notifications with correct time zone. Also if you have an Irrigation Controller, it needs to know the time of your area to properly run the watering schedule, and it will automatically adjust to your local time zone.

  • Uninstallation and re-installation of an add-on device.

    This procedure is for removing an add-on device such as Garage Door Camera, garage door sensor, Irrigation Controller or a Smoke Detector and replacing them with new ones. Please note, if you have a garage door sensor and you are replacing the camera, both sensor and camera need to be removed. If you are only replacing the sensor, then only the sensor needs to be removed. This document uses the garage door camera as an example but any other product can be removed the same way.

    1. Login to app and click on settings button, click on Uninstall

    2. In our eample, we are replacing a camera and since we also have a sensor, we are removing both the sensor and the camera (If you are replacing the sensor only, just select sensor).
    3. Click OK to the message (device removal successful...) and go back to the previous page.

    4. Connect the new camera to power. Wait until all the lights are solid and not blinking. You should now see a message in the app asking you to claim the new camera. If you do not see a message, press the refreh button. Wait unitl the camera has been successfully claimed.
    5. If you have a garage door sensor, unlock and remove the cap. Press the reset button inside the sensor. You will notice that the LED light cmes on and immediately goes off. You should now see a message in the app asking you to claim the sensor and pair it with the correct door button.

  • How to and why apply a factory reset to Asante Smart Home products?

    Asante Smart Home products are cloud based. This means that the devices are registered on a server that is residing on Internet. The connection to Internet is made via a personal home router. Depending on the status of the device, sometimes a factory reset is required to return the device to appropriate mode. Please note that applying a factory reset will not delete or remove the device from the cloud server. It will just change the mode of the hardware. Also uninstalling the device from cloud server will not resolve any problem.

    For example, when Asante Home Extender is configured for wireless operation, meaning that it is connected wirelessly to a personal router, it will ignore the Ethernet connection, even if Ethernet cable is connected. Only the wireless connection is used.

    This can cause problems if for example, the personal home router has been replaced, or if SSID (wireless ID) of your router or even the wireless password have been changed. In this case, the device is not aware of the change and will continue to look for the old parameters and so the connection to the router is terminated. To resolve this issue, a factory reset needs to be applied to the Home Extender to return the communication link back to Ethernet. Then with Ethernet cable connected to personal router, the wireless parameters can be configured again.

    Also if a Home Extender or any add-on device have been uninstalled, a factory reset maybe needed for reinstallation of the devices and to be able to re-claim the device in the Smartphone app.

    The scope of this document is to provide information as to how to reset a device properly. Simply pressing the reset button at any moment will not work.

    Asante SmartHome devices are loaded with an operating system that is very similar to a computer. When a computer is turned on, it has to go through a boot process, it checks the hardware first and then when hardware has been confirmed, it boots into operating system from the hard drive. Asante Smart Home products also follow this same process.

    When an Asante Home Extender is connected to power, for the first 12 seconds, the power light comes on and stays on. Then the flashing of the lights start for a duration of almost 25 seconds, indicating a boot process of the operating system. Eventually, only the power light is on again for a short period, followed by cloud light coming on that indicates a successful connection to Internet and cloud server.

    A proper factory reset can only be applied to a Home Extender after the boot process has been completed as explained above. During or before the boot process, a reset is not effective.

    With add-on devices, the same is true. In general, it is better to connect an add-on device such as a garage door camera to power, wait for about 35 seconds and then apply the factory reset. The factory reset to an add-on device can also be applied after the device has been successfully connected wirelessly to a Home Extender and the bars show a solid wireless connection.

    To apply a factory reset, using a paper clip, press and hold down the reset button for a period of 8 seconds or until a fast flashing of the lights are observed. Then the button can be released.

  • Password reset for Asante Smart Home app.

    In the event that a password needs to be changed or has been forgotten, the following procedure can be used to reset the password.

    1. Load Asante Smart Home app on your smartphone.
    2. Select FORGOT PASSWORD option from the login screen and follow the prompts.

    You will be presented with a request to input your email address that was used to create the account. The password reset instruction is then emailed to you.

  • How to change the login email address of the Asante Smart Home app?

    Sometimes due to a misspelling or if you are changing your main email address, you may need to change the email address that the Asante Home Extender and all the add-on devices were originally claimed.

    Email address that is used to claim the products for the first time becomes the administrator. this email address can not be deleted. However, the products can be uninstalled by administrator and reinstalled using a different email address.

    To uninstall the products, login to app (with the current email), click on Setting button and select Uninstall.

    Check the box for My Home and this action will automatically check all items.

    Click on UNINSTALL. Wait until a message is returned that uninstallation was successful. Disconnect all devices from power at this point.

    Click on the menu icon to go to Home Extender list.

    Click on the overflow icon and select logout to logout from current account. You will be returned to login page.

    Select CREATE AN ACCOUNT based on the email address that you would like to use. This would be the new email address that you want to change your account to.

    Once created and you are logged in, then follow the procedure below:

    1. Connect the Home Extender (Antenna unit) back to power and wait until the cloud light is on.
    2. You should be getting a pop up in the app asking you to claim the Home Extender. Click Ok to claim.
    3. Connect any add-on device that you have back to power (such as Garage Door Camera). Wait until the lights indicate a connection to Home Extender. Claim the add-on device in the app. Repeat this procedure with any other products that you may have. If you have an Asante Smoke Detector, you need to reset the Smoke Detector using the reset button inside the unit. Refer to How to Reset Asante Smoke Detector for this procedure.

Home Extender

  • What is Asante Home Extender?

    Asante Home Extender is designed to communicate and manage all Asante Smart Home devices, which are Garage Door Opener with Camera, Garage Door sensor, Irrigation Controller and Smoke detector, and it’s required for using any Asante Products.

    With Asante Home Extender, you can pair Asante Smart Home devices without having to configure or deal with hassle of IP technology. Asante Home Extender will find Asante Smart Home devices automatically and establish secured connection.

  • Understanding Asante Home Extender port and lights.

    Asante Home Extender provides the connection between all Asante add-on devices and a personal router. This document briefly explains what lights and ports on Asante Home Extender do and mean.

    When Asante Home Extender is installed, it needs to be connected to a personal or home router via an Ethernet cable. This is all that is needed for this device to be able to connect to Internet and cloud server.

    Asante Home Extender is not equipped with an Ethernet Link Light. Router link lights must be used to be able to confirm a proper Ethernet link is achieved.

    Power Light: When the power is applied, the power light comes on. After about 30 seconds, all other lights start to blink simultaneously and then they go off with Power being on only again. Depending on the speed and performance of your Internet access, the cloud light will come on next (could take up to 4 minutes).

    Cloud Light: Cloud light should not be confused with a link light. Cloud light comes on and stays on when Asante Home Extender has been connected to a router with Internet connection. Upon registration with cloud server, this light comes on and stays on. Please note that when the power and cloud lights are on, the device is up and working properly.

    Wireless Connectivity Light: Asante Home Extender can be configured to communicate wirelessly with a personal home router instead of using Ethernet port. This option maybe needed only when the distance from the add-on devices such as a Garage Door Camera to the location of Asante Home Extender needs to be reduced for better wireless connectivity. Please note that Asante strongly recommends using Ethernet LAN port for communication with a personal router.

    Wireless Signal Strength Bars: When Asante Home Extender is configured to communicate wirelessly with a personal home router, these bar indicate the signal strength between the Home Extender and personal router.

    Device Pairing Light: An add-on device, such as a Garage Door Camera connects wirelessly with Asante Home Extender. When devices are turned on or power cycled, at the moment that an add-on device is connecting to Asante Home Extender, this light momentarily blinks and then it turns off.

    When Asante Home Extender is configured for wireless communication with a personal router, the Ethernet port is inactive and can be disconnected.

    In order to return the Asante Home Extender to communicate through Ethernet port, the reset button needs to be pressed and held for about 7 seconds.

  • How far is the coverage of Asante Home Extender?

    Asante Home Extender supports WiFi connection and can cover areas up to 5000 sq. ft. If there is something blocking the signal between your Home Extender and add-on devices such as Garage Door Camera or Irrigation Controller, it can be easily solved by configuring Asante Home Extender for wireless operation. Then you can move the Home Extender closer to your add-on device to get a better wireless signal.

  • How to configure Asante Home Extender for wireless operation?

    It is highly recommended to use Asante Home Extender with Ethernet connection to a home or personal router. However, in some rare instances, it might be required to place Asante Home Extender closer to an add-on device such as a Irrigation Controller or Garage Door Camera because of distance between the two. Usually you need to do this if you are not getting a good wireless signal between a device and Asante Home Extender, or if there are too many walls in between that can cause a signal drop. To configure Asante Home Extender for wireless operation, please follow the procedure below:

    1. Login to Asante Smart Home app on your Smartphone
    2. From the first login page, click on Setting Button as shown below and select WiFi Manager

    From the list, select your wireless router to connect to. If you do not see your wireless name in the list, please click the refresh button few times and it should appear. Note that the signal strength indicator will change when you refresh the page and there is no cause for concern if it does not show a strong signal. In our example, we are using AsanteTest to connect to wirelessly.

    Please note that wireless connectivity might take several minutes to establish. This is because Asante Home Extender not only needs to communicate with your router wirelessly, but also needs to connect with add-on devices wirelessly as well. Please give it ample time to do so. When connected wirelessly, Ethernet cable can be disconnected and Asante Home Extender can be moved to desired location.

    Important Information: If at any time and for any reason the wireless connectivity fails to establish, you can simply revert back to Ethernet connection by resetting the Asante Home Extender to factory defaults. To do this, press and hold the reset button on Asante Home Extender for about 6 seconds after the device has fully booted up and then connect the Ethernet cord from router back to Asante Home Extender.

  • How to check if Asante Home Extender is successfully connected?

    Asante Home Extender provides the connection between all Asante add-on devices and a personal router. The add-on devices could be Garage Door Camera, Irrigation Controller or Smoke Detector.

    When Asante Home Extender is installed, it needs to be connected to a personal or home router via an Ethernet cable. It can also be configured to communicate wirelessly with a router, however, Ethernet LAN connection is highly recommended.

    Asante Home Extender is not equipped with an Ethernet Link Light. For this reason the link light on the personal router must be used to be able to confirm a proper Ethernet link is achieved. Cloud light on Asante Home Extender should not be confused with a link light. Cloud light only comes on when a successful connection to Internet and then Asante cloud server is established. The connection has to go through several layers of negotiations and therefore it takes some time for the cloud light to come on.

Garage Door Opener

  • What is Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera and how it works?

    Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera gives you the ability to remotely see the garage doors and control it at the same time. This means that you can actually close and open up to two garage doors from your smartphone or tablet as long as Internet access is available. In addition to this you have the benefit of monitoring the traffic in your garage area in real time.

    Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera Kit is equipped with infrared lights so that you can see your garage area at night or when the door is closed with no lights on. With the addition of an optional sensor, you can also get notifications in the form of Email and Text when your garage door opens and closes.

    The main focus of this document is to provide information about how the Asante Garage Door Camera retrofits to your current and existing garage door system.

    This kit includes an Asante Home Extender and a Garage Door Opener with Camera. Asante Garage door opener with Camera Kit is a cloud based device and requires no change to your personal home router or current network. Asante Home Extender connects to your router via an Ethernet LAN cable. It bridges your Asante Home Extender products such as Garage Door Opener with Camera to your router and eventually to Internet. Installation is done via a Smartphone. Simply download the free app from Google Play or Apple Store, create an account and claim your device.

    To understand how this device interfaces with your current garage door motor and opener, we have to explain how your current garage door and wall mount button work first.

    When you press the wall mount button that is attached to your current garage door motor, a circuit is created for a short period of time (circuit switches from normally open to closed and then open again). Your garage door motor responds with opening or closing garage door. This operation is true for most of garage motors in the market except few.

    Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera uses this same technology to open and close the garage doors.

    The required retrofit is to simply wire from the relays that are available on the back of the garage door camera to the wall mount button as shown below. All the wires required are included in the kit. Polarity of the wires does not matter. Please note that for installation, the information that are provided inside the package (Quick Guide) should be followed.

    The following configuration can also be used if a wall mount button is not present and if the garage door motor is equipped with a hook up for a wall mount button. Please refer to documentation of your garage door motor for information regarding a wall mount hook up. In this case the camera is directly connected to garage door motor.

    When you use the free smartphone app and press the Garage Door Opener button in the app as shown below, you are creating a circuit just like your wall mount button and therefore sending the same signal to your garage door motor to open or close the garage door. You are actually pressing the wall mount button in your garage remotely by the means of an app on a smartphone.

  • What is Asante Garage Door Sensor?

    Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera kit provides the ability to open and close the garage doors, view the garage area and see the status of the doors.

    Asante Garage Door Sensor is a complement to Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera kit. It allows the user of Garage Door Opener with Camera to receive notifications based on the status of garage door. Notifications can be in the form of SMS Text, Email or Push on an Android or iOS Apple operating systems.

    For example, when a Garage Door Sensor is present, the user can select the option to receive a text message when door is opened or closed. This selection is done in the Smartphone app. This is useful if user requires to know when the door has been opened and if garage area is being accessed at any time via the garage doors.

    At the same time, the app provides visual Open or Close information as shown below when a Garage Door Sensor is present.

    There is no additional fee for receiving Email, Text and Push Notifications. Please note that your cellular Smartphone plan might have limitations with respect to text notification. Check with your cellular provider to see if additional fees apply to your plan when receiving text.
    Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera kit needs to be installed prior to installation of Asante Garage Door Sensor.

  • Garage door motor compatibility

    Asante is fully compatible with garage door motor manufacturers mentioned below:

    In recent years, some manufacturers such as the list above have started producing motors with more security in mind.
    1. Chamberlain/LiftMaster Security 2.0+ (Yellow learn button)
    2. Genie Intellicode III motors.

    These motors require an actual code to be submitted and will not respond to just a short circuit contact.
    If you have one of these motors installed and are considering to purchase an Asante Garage Door Opener, please contact Technical Support to hear about options available to attach Asante device to these types of motor.

    The following motor is not compatible with Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera:

    Linear LDO50

  • How many doors can be controlled by Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera?

    Currently, one Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera Kit can control up to two Garage Doors.

    If control for more than two garage doors is needed, another camera can be added to the same network. Please note that only a camera is needed for additional doors and not the entire kit.

  • How to troubleshoot Asante Smart Home Garage Door Sensor?

    Asante Garage Door Sensor is designed to provide notifications when the status of the garage door changes (Closed/Opened). When the sensor is first installed, after installation it needs to go through one motion of open and close before it can properly register and provide update in the app. This is because the sensor position is not known after installation.

    This document provides information as to how to test a garage door sensor after it has been claimed in the app.
    The sensor has a reset button that can be used to check to make sure it is alive. When the reset button is pressed, the light should come on for few seconds and then go off.

    Please note that the mounting that comes with the sensor is required and sensor should not be directly attached to the door. This is not just to provide ease of removal in case a new battery is required, but also to prevent signal bounce from a garage door.

    Use the following steps to troubleshoot the sensor. These steps provide troubleshooting information for first time installation and also after first time installation. Please make sure that the sensor has been claimed in the app and installed.

    1. Remove the sensor from the mounting and take it to the location that is near the Asante Home Extender. This is to make sure that the distance is not a problem and signal from sensor can reach the Home Extender.
    2. Login to app and go to the video page with buttons showing. Hold the sensor in the same position as it was installed on the garage door. If this is the first time installation, then the buttons will look like below before the sensor has gone through one motion (open/close).

    3. Remove the cover of the sensor but hold it in same position.
    4. Slowly, just like the motion of the garage door, move the sensor to horizontal position. As you are moving it, watch the LED and you should see a quick blink. Please note that horizontal position means the battery and all the electronic parts should be facing and parallel to the ground (not the back of the sensor) just as if it was attached to your garage door. You should notice the change in button associated with the sensor as shown below after 2-5 seconds. If the blinking is not noticed, please contact Asante Technical Support.

Smoke Detector

  • How to reset Asante Smoke Detector?

    Depending on the state of smoke detector, or, if you have uninstalled a Smoke Detector and would like to reinstall it, a hardware reset maybe needed to be able to claim the device in the Smartphone app again.

    Remove the mounting bracket from the back of Smoke Detector by moving it counter clock wise. Please note that this will cause the Smoke Detector to start beeping. For beeping to stop, remove the battery for about 10 seconds and insert it again. This is the tamper proof feature for smoke detector. Note that battery needs to be installed for you to be able to reset the Smoke Detector.

    If beeping starts again, repeat the same procedure by removing and reinserting the battery to stop beeping.

    There are 3 clips on the Smoke Detector that hold the base to assembly. Starting with one clip, push clip lock in the direction shown and use your finger to separate that same part of the base from the body. While holding the base, repeat this step for all 3 clips.

    Once opened, then locate the reset button as shown below. Press and hold for 5 seconds and then release. You will notice that the LED light will go on inside.

    Close the Smoke Detector, make sure clips are closed the same way and the wires are not tangled up in the clips.
    Attach the mounting base back to Smoke Detector. Load app on Smartphone. Click on My Home and you should see a pop up asking you to claim your Smoke Detector. If you do not see a pop up message asking you to claim your Smoke Detector, click on refresh button.

    If you have more than one smoke detector, please do this one at a time, claim one unit in the app and then reset the next smoke detector.

Need More Assistance?

Whether you are looking for answers, would like to know more about Asante Line of products, or just want to let us know how we did, you will find ways to contact us.